Annalisa is the result of the combined efforts of Jack Dowie and Maldaba Ltd.

Some years ago, Jack and Lorenzo Gordon of Orange Ideas Ltd. (also a Maldaba founding director) collaborated on a research pilot conducted largely with the use of Internet technologies.

From this initial collaboration, a solid working relationship was created. Jack and Lorenzo have since worked together on various projects. With the creation of Maldaba Ltd., Mark Clements of HappyDog Enterprises joined as a collaborator, completing the group.

Jack Dowie

Jack is the Emeritus Professor of Health impact Analysis at The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. His work has focussed on (amongst other things) risk and judgement in health decision making and in both clinical decision analysis and cost-utility analysis in health care. He was a founder member of the Health Economists Study Group and, less well known, the Society for the Study of Gambling.


Maldaba Ltd. is the combined efforts of Lorenzo Gordon and Mark Clements. Both run their own IT companies, but for larger collaborative jobs have formed Maldaba Ltd. Maldaba Ltd. is dedicated to providing bespoke software and web solutions for all clients, ranging from individual users to large organisations.